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I can ask and answer open questions.


Today we are going to be watching some news reports about extreme weather and then pretending to interview some witnesses!


Here are some links for news stories to look at. When watching, listen carefully to what the witnesses say. We are try to imagine what questions you would ask them if you were a journalist. 


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You may also want to look at news reports from last week about the extreme weather in the US!

You are now going to prepare some questions for your (imaginary) witnesses. Try to make them open questions (where the person has to give a full answer) rather than closed (where the answer is just a single word).


Here is a video to help:



There is a sheet below where may wish to record your ideas. If you prefer, you could use a member of your family and ask them to be a witness so that you can ask them your questions! You could then record a video interview and upload this to Google Classroom. 


Try to choose just one event that you would like to write your newspaper event about and invent some witnesses to interview.