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I can write a persuasive brochure.


Today we are going to be starting to write a persuasive brochure using the plan that you made yesterday. If you didn't manage to complete yesterday's lesson, please go back and do this first!


There are two videos to watch today and then your work is set up on Google Classroom. 

From last week:


When marking your brochures, there were a couple of things that some of you had forgotten. Here is a reminder - see if you can remember them this week!


  • Use a capital letter and either a question mark, exclamation mark or a full stop for every sentence
  • Proper nouns (names of places or people) always need a capital letter (e.g. St John's, Alton Towers, Keele Hall)
  • If using a fronted adverbial, there needs to be a comma after it (e.g. When you visit, you can explore all day long. After lunch, the cafe will close.)

Writing an introduction

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Writing the first section

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