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I can plan a persuasive brochure.


This week you are going to be planning and writing a persuasive brochure! You can either choose to complete one for an attraction already in our local area (Alton Towers, Trentham Gardens, Dimensions) or you can design a new attraction for the local area. This might be a new theme park or a new hotel!


Today you are going to plan the sections of your persuasive brochure and add some of the language that you might want to use. Remember to try and include some of the features that you identified last week - rhetorical questions, the rule of 3 and powerful adjectives. There is a reminder sheet attached to use incase you have forgotten some of the features so please use it when completing your plan.


Take a look at my example of a plan for Trentham Gardens to help you.

Blank plan to fill in: