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Easter Ideas

Here are a few activities for over Easter: - with big thank you to Mrs McAvan for her ideas.


Eggcellent Easter Activities

1. Hold an Easter Egg hunt – inside or outside in the garden.

2. Make an Easter wreath

3. Read the Easter story – draw/paint/write the story

4. Make Easter cookies

5. Make chocolate nests

· Add 100g of butter, 1 tbsp cocoa powder, 50g milk chocolate buttons and 75g of golden syrup in a bowl.

· Microwave on high for 1.5mins and mix together.

· Crumble 4 Shredded Wheat over the bowl and mix with rest of ingredients.

· Place a generous spoonful in each of 12 bun case (the nests).

· Press the centre of each nest down slightly to form a dip and place 3 chocolate mini eggs in each dip.

· Chill for 30 minutes before serving.

6. Hold an Egg Race – everyone in the family decorates a hard boiled egg first!

7. Play Bunny, Bunny, RABBIT!

If the children have plenty of energy to burn, this is the game for them! As you’ve probably guessed, this is an Easter variation on the classic duck, duck, GOOSE game. Here’s how to play:

· Sit the children down in a circle, and select one child to be “it”.

· The “it” child walks around the outside of the circle patting each player on the head and saying “bunny” until they want to say “RABBIT”.

· Both the “it” child and the RABBIT must hop around the circle trying to reach the vacant spot.

· Whoever doesn’t make it to the spot in time is then “it”.

8. Watch some Easter movies together

9. Tell some Easter jokes “What do you get if you pour hot water down a rabbit hole? Hot cross bunnies”!

10. Enjoy some board games or card games

11. Create an Easter Play

Have the children put on an Easter play or a puppet show of their own creation. Those mismatched socks that are always hanging around are the perfect choice for sock puppets, and old buttons, scraps of wool and fabric, pipe cleaners and ribbon are great for decorating.

Don’t forget to video their show for posterity!

12. Have a Teddy Bear’s picnic in the garden – weather permitting!

13. Pin the Tail on the Bunny

Print an Easter bunny on cardboard with the tail area visible. Then cut off the tail area. Each player must cut out a circle from white card and glue some cotton wool to it. Stick some blue-tack to the back of each tail and write each players name on their tail. Each player is to be blindfolded before they take their turn of attempting to pin the tail on the bunny.

14. Easter Story Writing

Have a family story-writing competition. Help younger ones who may be unable to write, but can still make up their own story – they could tell their story with pictures, or you

can write it for them while they tell it. Or for a keepsake, you could video them telling you the tale.

15. Have a Bunny Hop – play all your favourite music and dance around. Do some mum or dad dancing!

16. Obstacle course/relay race

Set up a simple obstacle course in the garden or even the living room and give it a fun Easter theme. Lots of hopping, eggs on spoons, egg throwing and catching, and maybe even some bowling with a hard-boiled egg to knock over the pins.

17. Plant some seeds or plants if available

18. Decorate an Easter Egg tree – hang some decorated eggs in the garden on a bush or tree (similar to a Christmas tree. Or Even get your Christmas tree out to decorate for Easter!)

19. Make a chocolate fondue – melt an Easter egg and encourage the children to dip fruit into the chocolate

20. Play charades but with an Easter theme

21. Make an Easter bookmark

22. Go on a bug hunt around the garden.

23. Make a den with an Easter theme

24. Paint some Easter pictures

25. Try and have some fun!