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Daily P.E.

Here are some ideas for keeping fit each day. Check out the wellbeing page each week for a new fitness idea from Mrs Bayley. Of course, getting outdoors for a walk in the fresh air is one of the best forms of exercise and fun for all the family. You could always add a run or jog into part of your walk if it's safe to do so. 


BALL SKILLS (Catching tricks) (learn to juggle)

MOVING FOR FITNESS (Jump start Johnny) (Physical challenge #37)

CRICKET Please watch these two videos: 4 activities.

FIELDING - (Do the partner one on your own by throwing the ball at a wall and then hitting the rebound. The next video shows an example)


VIRTUAL CRICKET COMPETITION See for more info on how to compete.


Just Dance


Joe Wicks:

Joe is doing lessons 3 times a week

Primary PE are doing a challenge each week - scroll to their KS2 challenge or do the KS1 with your little brothers and sisters.

Choose a Maths on the Move exercise for PE with arithmetic built in


Try some Yoga: