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Curriculum Ideas

A great big list of ideas from Mrs Clews


Putting coat on/ taking coat off.

Learning to fasten zips/ buttons etc

Taking socks and shoes off/ putting them on.

Using a knife and fork independently.

Practising to write their name. 

Clapping the syllables in their own name and family members.

Rhyming games- making up words to see if they rhyme.

Balancing on one leg/ jumping on the spot forward and backwards/ hopping this could be in a sequence to make it into a game.

Looking at feelings - making or drawing faces ( depending on what resources are available.)

Looking at the foods in the cupboards and sorting them into healthy and unhealthy foods.

Toothpaste pictures with the rolling pin.

Spare parts-  construction with empty recycling.

Making jelly and talking about the change from solid to liquid.

If balls and space are available - throwing/ catching/ rolling/bouncing.

Making Easter cards/ where safe posting / sending them to family/ friends/ community