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This week, we start our new – and final – science topic. Evolution and Inheritance. I’ve attached a word search to do so that you can familiarise yourself with the vocabulary we will be learning – you don’t need to know what they all mean yet but you need to be able to read them. Print the sheet or copy it onto Paint and draw over it on the computer.

Once you have done the word search, log in to Espresso: User- student27931        Password - sjkeele

Watch the video and read the fact files about famous evolutionary scientists such as Charles Darwin and Mary Anning.

He links are below or you can navigate to Key Stage 2 > Science > Evolution


This week we start a Geography topic on Africa. I have set a quiz on Kahoot. Before you start, you might want to look at a map of Africa and read the names of all 54 countries in the continent. The quiz will also ask you about the physical geography of the country too – specifically the rivers, seas and different biomes. It doesn’t matter what score you get, the idea is that having a go at the quiz will inspire you to complete some research about the continent, it’s countries and the physical geography.

Follow the link to complete the quiz

Please use an appropriate user name so that I know who you are but not your full name or age. You might do your initials or just your one name e.g. FW123       Woody111


And remember, if you're then inspired to do some more research or your own quiz, you can do. 

Art - Africa topic


In R.E. we should have been studying John the Baptist at the St John’s church, Keele. Since we cannot do that this half term, we have reviewed the R.E. curriculum and have planned some reflection and revision activities.

Instead, Mrs Shaw has set a World Religions passport to be completed over the next few weeks. Starting with Christianity. You do not need to print the sheets – copy each subheading into your books. Use the same layout or create your own and decorate the page with appropriate images as well as your writing. Remember, you only need to complete Christianity this week.


Mrs Shaw has set your Global Citizenship project – it is the next topic on our curriculum and seems to fit very well thinking about what is happening around the globe at the minute. We can all do something each day to improve the world – think about the environmental impact you are having and the emotional one – a smile is infectious.


Your ICT task of the week is to become an animal photographer. Your photos might include photos of your pets or of animals in nature – bees, butterflies, birds, insects. Think about the orientation of the photograph, where the light and focus need to be, do you want the animal to be still or an action shot. I’d like you to explore different filters, colours and the zoom function before creating a piece of photo art. Send your learning in to me via email when you’ve done.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4


I’ll be sending an email about an exciting music website called YUMU. The music topic for the half term is called Plastic! BEWARE: the song is extremely catchy.

This week, please log on and access the plastic topic I have set for you. Your task is to listen to the song (the first task) and then to appraise it (task 2).



Please use   or Espresso: USERNAME – student27931

                                                                                           PASSWORD – sjkeele

On espresso, you’ll find access to German, Spanish and French resources.



For P.E., I know most of you (like me) will want to continue with Joe Wick’s daily workouts. Why not trt to set some personal bests in the afternoon. How many skips, jumps, ball skills can you do in 2 minutes. Each day try to improve your score.

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