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I can use multi-media to turn myself into a Pharaoh


I found these images on Pintrest and thought it might be fun to try.  Hopefully, you've already taken your black and white photo and tea stained some paper for the background as advised on Monday.




This is how the owner of the page did it: I turned the kids into Pharaohs! Took photos of them and printed them out. Cut and pasted onto brown paper. Then, I had the kids use markers to draw clothing and colour with oil pastels. We talked about geometric shapes like pyramids and triangles. And we talked about patterns like stripes that are found in textiles. We also talked about Egyptian paintings on papyrus.


You may not have oil pastels at home, but you could use wax crayons instead or whatever you do have available to you.  Look at the images for examples of pyramids and triangles and the striped patterns that are found in textiles.


Once you've transformed yourself into a Pharaoh, take a Pharaoh Photo and email it to me so I can add them to the Art Gallery page on our class page.

Another similar image