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Welcome to our class blog for Spring 2.

Here you will find a weekly update of our learning for the week. We love to share our outcomes with you! For notifications on your individual child's learning please check Tapestry. This will be updated at least fortnightly so you can see some of the learning your child has been doing. 


We have celebrated British Science Week. We’ve made boats and experimented with floating and sinking. We have shared our ideas about the life stages of humans from babies to old age. We were naturalists and closely observed British wildlife , completing drawings. We also explored with magnets and dough.


This week we have been practising our throwing and catching skills in PE. We’ve been on the school field so we have lots of space and have been getting muddy in the process but this is all part of the fun. In English we have been learning using the book Handas surprise. We have begun to retell the story and we made fruit salads too. In maths we have been problem solving using pattern grids, working on partitioning numbers to help us with bonds and learning number bonds to 10. In PSHE we have been learning about successful hand washing.


Homework this week:

Reading - using the RWI and home reading books

Phonics - using the links sent

Writing - Please help your child to practising writing on lined paper In particular placing the descenders p,g,y,q,and j correctly on the line. Just a few words at a time is best

Maths - Please help your child to recall number bonds within 10 e.g. 8 and 2 make 10. 6 and 4 make 10. 1 and 6 make 7




This week we have explored the Polar Regions inspired by our key text: Lost and Found. The children have learned about penguins through non-fiction texts and have developed their knowledge through continuous provision activities such as melting ice, building nests and carrying an ‘egg’ using their feet. 


Children have engaged in expressive play as penguins, polar explorers and travel agents in our role play area. They have accessed fine motor and creative activities using paint, fine tools, feathers and craft materials. 


In mathematics we have been developing speed and fluency in recalling number bonds to 10, discussed the properties of some 3D shapes and compared amounts by subitising.


Finally, we have begun to explore floating and sinking in preparation for British Science Week.


We hope you enjoy the photos, 

Service class




This week in English we have been learning using the book All Aboard The London Bus. The children have visited Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, the Underground, Tower Bridge and the Crown jewels.


In maths we have been linking our knowledge of number facts to the number 9 and creating more complex patterns using an AAB or ABC structure.


It was World Book Day and we enjoyed lots of reading activities including reading with our buddies. 


As part of our continuous provision, we have completed lots of activities including making structures similar to London landmarks from Lego and Knex, daffodil art for St David's day and enjoying our new role play area.