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Afternoon Curriculum

This half term, I will let you know which subjects to cover each day on the daily page where you find Maths and English. Firstly, this should help you to plan your day. Secondly, this means there won't be any mix-ups for those of you who come in to school. We wouldn't want you having to do the same lesson twice!


However, please do remember the importance of physical activity, the outdoors and your well-being. It is not the end of the world if you miss something or shuffle the days around. As long as you try your best, Mrs Shaw, Mrs Leese and I will always be so proud of you.

Day 1

Activity 1:


For PSHCE, you'll need to adapt some of the activities. Instead of talking in a group, you might think about/ write down a time when you felt that way. If in school, we can't do the run to the wall activity due to social distancing so we might think of an action instead e.g. sad is curl up in a ball, angry is punch the air 3 times, happy is a star-jump.


Activity 2:

For ART, you'll be doing an activity using cool and warm colours - if you don't know what these are, you'll need to look it up first. 

Day 2

Activity 1:

Science> Evolution and Inheritance - I can and instructions can be found on the Powerpoint


Activity 2:

Watch Newsround. Then create a drawing of the day's news - do one picture to represent what you've heard. Then add your own drawing for what you have done today - your own news.

I've added a picture example of using yesterday's news - all are pictures of the news stories plus my own news which is that I've been to school and that I made a carrot cake at the weekend. You can definitely do better than mine though - maybe even add some colour. 

Day 3

Each Wednesday afternoon will be Y6 dedicated research time. Research time is your chance to learn something new and to present what you learn in a way of your choice. The options are endless but I've tried to make a list of some ideas below - please feel free to share some more with me so I can add to the list. Who knows, you could inspire one of your friends. 


1) Read the list below for ideas

2) Make a list of things you'd be interested in knowing more about

3) Create a plan for what you hope to accomplish in each week

4) Use the time wisely - make a goal and Beat IT!


Option 1: Make a big goal and use the next 6 weeks to complete it.

e.g. to build up to run 5km

to make a scrapbook about Space - or any history/science topic

to knit a jumper/bag

research your family tree

make a local wildlife documentary

learn a new language


Option 2: Choose smaller challenges and complete a different one each week

to learn the names of the capital cities in Europe

to cook a Mexican food dish

to make a face covering

make a card for someone

complete a poster about a period of history

do a factfile about an animal/ dinosaur

conduct a science experiment

build a Lego city

learn how to count to 20 in Mandarin Chinese



Day 4

Activity 1:

Transition Topic Lesson. Please see the PowerPoint and the activities in the workbook. Please do not feel you have to print the whole workbook as it's lots of paper - you can copy most of the activities into your books. If you are desperate for a hard copy, let me know and I will ensure I can have one ready for you to collect next week (8th June onwards).


Activity 2: 

Practise your German.

Please use   or Espresso: USERNAME – student27931

                                                                                           PASSWORD – sjkeele

On espresso, you’ll find access to German, Spanish and French resources.

Day 5

Activity 1:

R.E. Freedom and Justice


Activity 2: 

ICT: Espresso: User- student27931        Password – sjkeele

Go to KS2> Digital Literacy > Videos> Disinformation. Make a poster to explain the main things to look out for e.g. Satire, Clickbait