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Afternoon curriculum

This week's topic theme is Summer.

Day 1 and 2

I have attached a document with lots of ideas based on this weeks theme below. I hope you enjoy them. In school, we are going to do fruit art, frozen fruit lollies and a limbo competition on Monday. On Tuesday, we will be playing a socially-distanced frisbee game using the hoops and making flower garlands. 

Day 3 - R.E.

This lesson on non-violent protest is particularly notable due to the ongoing Black Lives Matter campaign that is so important. We can definitely learn a lot from the 4 people you can read about today.

Day 4 - Science

Today in science we are going to learn about adaptation. I would complete the first (1-star) activity from the sheets. The first page is just the grid table you can print or draw. On the 2nd page you have some cards to cut up and match with advantages and disadvantages. For example, a long neck for a giraffe - choose the reason why a long neck is a good thing for the giraffe, then choose the reason why a long neck might be a disadvantage at times. . The 3rd page gives the answers.


Day 5 -

In keeping with the summer theme, we are going to be pirates this afternoon. Your activity is geography. The lesson is Y6 level and is a bit tricky so you'll have to concentrate. 

Alternatively, you could make your own treasure map with co-ordinates and design your own quiz for your family.