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Afternoon curriculum

This weeks topic theme is Rumble in the Jungle as well as science , transition and R.E. . I have still split the lessons into days to help you structure your week but these can move around if you'd like them to.

Day 1:

Science and PSHCE

In science you have a lesson on Evolution.

For PSHCE you have a special activity. Take the class list below and write 1 word you think of that would describe that person. Remember to be positive and kind please. Then send your reply by Wednesday 1st July. You'll soon find out what this activity was for. 

Read the presentation, watch the video and have a go at the quiz. You then have a word search to complete and a research task

Day 2:

Today in art you are going to choose some jungle characters to draw. Your ICT task is to then cut them out and create a stop-motion animation story. In school we use an app on the iPads called Stop Motion (blue logo with a white picture)

Simba - lion king


Baloo - Jungle book


Bagheera - jungle book


Shere Khan



Day 3 - research time

Our theme is Rumble in the Jungle - see some ideas here for your own research project but remember, you can choose something different that you are interested in.

Day 4


Day 5: Your final transition lesson