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Afternoon curriculum

Day 1

Art and PSE

PSE - There are a few group activities in the positivity lesson but there are also lots you can do on your own. For example, the bookmark, card and list of positive things you have done.

Art - this week's research focus will be creepy crawlies. For art, I'd like you to have a go at drawing a monarch butterfly. Then see if you can spot one, and perhaps some other types, while on a walk. Draw a monarch butterfly

Day 2

Science and The News


Watch newsround and then create your weekly cartoon diary with the pictures of everything happenign around the world - including your own news. 

Day 3


Here are some new ideas linked to the theme Creepy Crawlies - you can use this or your on idea for a research project


  • Observational drawing of collected bugs
  • Create a bug wordsearch for others to try
  • Stop-motion animation of an insect moving.
  • Make your own ‘bug board game’ like snakes and ladders or something creative.
  • Paper plate insect sewing craft. (see pic)
  • Make some Pom pom bugs or make pom poms that can be put together to create a caterpillar.
  • Create a ‘bottle bug’ craft using plastic bottles – you could fill this with moss and sticks
  • Paint pebbles as different mini-beasts.
  • Collect bugs from the garden in pots to observe and classify – then put them back into their habitat
  • Make a mindfulness mini-beast colouring


Day 4


Day 5


I hope you enjoy today's lesson. Additionally, some of our ex-pupils have volunteered to answer some of your questions about high school (they are Madeley pupils but feel free to ask even if you are going to another school). Please send your questions to by Monday and I will forward them on to be answered.