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Afternoon Curriculum

Day 1 - Art and PSE


PSE - you might not be able to do the group activities but you could try on your own or just skip these.

You have a choice of 3 art activities

Day 2 - Science and The News

Evidence for Evolution - plant fossils

Day 3

Today’s topic lesson is Free Academy research for the afternoon. I look forward to seeing and sharing what you’ve been doing.

** it's Father's Day on Sunday so you might want to use this time to make a card - there are lots of ideas on Google images and Pinterest if you search 'father's day card kids homemade.


Some ideas:

to make a scrapbook about ocean animals (it was World Ocean's day last week)

to knit a jumper/bag

research your family tree

make a local wildlife documentary

learn a new language

to learn the names of the countries of Africa

to cook a French food dish

make a card for someone

complete a poster about a period of history

do a factfile about an animal/ dinosaur

conduct a science experiment

build a Lego city

learn how to count to 20 in Mandarin Chinese

Day 4

RE and ICT

Your from-home Computing lesson this week comes from the BBC and is based on algorithms and de-bugging. 

There are 2 videos to watch and then a choice of 3 activities to complete.

Day 5

Transition and German


Here is a video link for instructions of how to make your puzzler in case you find this easier to follow (you'll see what I mean as you do the Transition lesson):



Please use   or Espresso: USERNAME – student27931

                                                                                           PASSWORD – sjkeele

On espresso, you’ll find access to German, Spanish and French resources.