St John's CE (VC) Primary School

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Afternoon Activities


Get your diaries and you will find your login details to Purple Mash in the inside cover.  Go to Purple Mash and login.  When you're in, click on the 2do button and open the 'Free Code Gibbon' that has been set for you.


I've attached the lesson plan I will be using in class for you to try and follow so see how you get on with it.  At the end of the lesson, it says to have a tinker with the program and see what you can do.  Make sure you keep saving it by clicking on the three lines and going into 'Save'.  Make sure you name it something clear and obvious e.g. gibbon test.  When you've done, you can hand it in for me to look at.  If you are struggling, just explore Purple Mash and see what you can find.


Palaeolithic, Mesolithic & Neolithic Ages - what do we know about the people who lived during this time? How do we know about them?


Research the people of these eras and write down your findings about what we know.  As we go further back in time, we know less because it was so long ago; therefore your boxes are different sizes because you'll have more information about the Mesolithic and the Neolithic Ages.


This afternoon would be your PE lesson.  The children in school will be working on their strength so here's an old PE with Joe video for you to follow to help improve your strength and stamina.

PE With Joe 2021 | Wednesday 24th Feb



Research and look at the tools that the people of the Stone Age made and used.  Make detailed drawings of some of the tools that interest you, label them, describe how they were made and what they were used for.



We are going to be starting our topic in school this week so to get you up to speed, I want you to look into when the Stone Age was and the different periods of the stone age.  Then make a timeline to show this information but also add on the Bronze Age and the Iron Age.  There are some good videos on YouTube you could watch and make notes on and many good websites out there too.