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Afternoon Activities

Tuesday & beyond


I have created a Slides and Docs in Google Classroom for you to create a presentation all about trees.  Tell me about different types of trees, trees that we find in this country and in other countries around the world.  Why are trees important? What are the dangers to trees?  How do we know how old trees are? And anything else you want to tell me about trees.  

This isn't just for one afternoon - work on this through the week and hand it in when you feel it is complete.



Other activities you could do this week:


Bark rubbings

Art with leaves - look up Andy Goldsworthy for inspiration

Create a tally chart of trees in your garden and/or your local area

Research how trees work - what do they need to grow? What goes on inside them,? What are the different parts of a tree and what are their jobs?




In class we are going to be looking at and finding out all about trees this week.  This afternoon, we will be trying to identify the trees in and around the school using this sheet.  Why don't you see if you can identify any trees in your garden. 


If you don't have any, then research which trees are indigenous to Britain.  Or maybe find out about your house tree (Beech, Oak, Rowan or Yew).