St John's CE (VC) Primary School

Life in all its fullness

Afternoon Activities

The story of the Happy Prince has some wonderful pictures.  Why not try and draw your favourite page from the book.  Take a photo and send it across to me at the class email.


Find out about migration.  Why do birds migrate? Do all birds migrate? How can you show your findings? Maybe a Google Slides Presentation, a Google Doc or maybe the old fashioned way of a pencil and paper and make a poster.  I have assigned these on Google Classroom for you to complete.


The story, 'The Happy Prince' is originally by Oscar Wilde but who was he? Can you find out about him?  I have assigned this in Google Classroom as a Doc or  a Slide if you fancy it.


Our topic in class is The Stone Age.  Research about the Stone Age.  What can you learn yourself and how can you present your learning?  I have assigned this in Google Classroom, if you wish to do a Docs or a Slides


Create a Google Docs or Slides about something you are interested in.  See what you can create and what you can make it do.  They work very much like Microsoft Word and PowerPoint so parents will be able to help you find your way around.


Find an old PE with Joe Wicks and complete a session.