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Additional Weekly Suggested Tasks


I can record the life cycle of a butterfly

This week we are going to look at the life cycle of an insect. Start by watching the video clip and then work through the powerpoint.


You can now choose how you wish to record the life cycle of a butterfly. You could:

  • Draw.colour and label into your books using arrows to show the chain of events
  • Use playdough to make the models of the different stages
  • Act out the different stages
  • Think of another way you would like to record the life cycle


Butterfly Life cycle Video

Still image for this video

Butterfly Life Cycle Powerpoint


I can read and use hieroglyphs to write words

This week, we will be learning about how the Ancient Egyptians would write. They used symbols for their words, called Hieroglyphs. Watch the video below to learn a little more about this Ancient Egyptian skill.

Look through the PowerPoint below and then have a go at creating your own secret code using hieroglyphs!


We hope that you have enjoyed this summer term looking at the Hindu religion. In year 3 we look at both Hinduism and Christianity and for this next few weeks we are going to look at things that both these religions believe in and follow. 

This week it is Peace.

Peace and non-violence are the virtues broadly accepted in Hinduism in the ancient texts and practice. In Sanskrit the term shanti is used for peace. ... Hindu religion believes in the existence of God everywhere.

Christian teachings on forgiveness cover issues of peace and conflict as well as different interpretations of some of those teachings. Some Christian believers, despite suffering personal tragedy, have chosen to forgive those who have sinned against them as part of their faith.

Below is a page you can fill in describing what you think peace is.



Join Elvis to learn about structure in music.


The Voyage Kids is a great website for children to find out about Germany, its customs, learn new vocabulary and play games! So, if you are looking to build on the German you have already learnt at school, visit the link below:


P.E. Suggestions

For the rest of June, we will leave the ideas here for you to try. 

We will be in July on Wednesday, so there are some super exercises for the new month too.

This Week's Ideas

This week, we have put a document called '20 Screen-Free Activities' which you can choose from at home! We hope you manage to find an idea which inspires you!