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Additional Weekly Suggested Tasks

We have done a lot of learning about life cycles. Can you remember which ones we have done so far? Here is a worksheet for the life cycle of a butterfly. Can you cut and stick it in the right order?

Fruit Kebab

Can you use pieces of your favourite fruit to make a fruit kebab? Can you make a repeating pattern when you put it together? Make sure an adult helps you to cut the fruit!

Sing Up!

We are missing our Rhthym and Rhyme sessions with Gemma at the moment so here are a couple of music things you could have a go at.

You could learn a new song with Sing Up! 


Sticky Kids 

I love Sticky Kids song and action rhymes! We have used them in school. Good for listening skills, keep fit and just having fun -especially if you join in too! yes 

The Good Samaritan

At the moment there are a lot of people who are going out of their way to make sure other people are safe and well. This story from the bible tells a similar story about someone who stopped to help.

Please watch this story and talk with your child about what happened. 

                     Butterfly print

Look at some pictures of butterfly wings. What do you notice about the patterns on their wings? Talk to your child about the way the patterns are 'symmetrical' - the same on both sides. 

Make your own butterfly print by folding a piece of paper in half and drawing and cutting a butterfly. Quickly paint a pattern on one side only. Fold your paper back in half, press and open your butterfly to reveal a beautiful pattern which is symmetrical! 

Follow this link to see a lovely idea using leaves!

You could also make a collaged butterfly where you stick the same shapes on each side. Look on the internet to see some ideas!