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Additional Suggested Tasks

BBC Bitesize has lots of daily lessons in all subject areas to explore. The grammar games/lessons are a good way to recap our previous learning.


Wax resistant painting.

Have a look at the video of the rainbow fish painting. Can you create your own wax resistant art work? Maybe you could link it to our topic by choosing an African animal.


Wax resist painting: The Rainbow Fish

Printable document at Use crayons and a wax resist painting technique to make pictures inspired by the book The Rainbow...

Music/Design and Technology


There are lots of ideas on making your own musical instruments on the website above. In the spirit of Live Aid, can you make an instrument and perform your own song or favourite song?


Last week we looked at how important exercise is for keeping our bodies and minds healthy. We have all seen the Joe Wicks workouts online but today I'd like you to become the fitness instructor. Can you create a 5 minute work out to keep your friends and family healthy? Use the video and ideas below to help you.


Joe Wicks 5 minute Workout:


Excerise  How many or how long for?



Learn about the Mosque, the place of worship for Muslims. Draw and label the features of the Mosque or use the sheet below. 


Friday prayers:

Cosmic Yoga- Calypso the Flamingo