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Additional Weekly Suggested Tasks


Challenge 2 - create a life cycle of a spring or Easter animal or plant. e.g. daffodil, chick, lamb, rabbit. Use as much scientific language as possible. Make sure you add drawings.



This week, I'd like you to practise being calm and mindful. 

1) Make a list of positive feelings. Write an activity that makes you feel that way e.g. excited - dancing; relaxed - having a warm bath. 

2) Practise being quiet and breathing slowly - no moving, no talking, eyes closed. See if you can do this for 2 minutes on Monday and build up 2 minutes each day so you get to 10 minutes by Friday

3) Complete the mindfulness colouring or use them as examples to make your own drawing. Remember to set up a calm environment while you do this. 


If you were able to have a conversation with either God or Jesus, what questions would you want to ask about the Easter story?


Last week, I asked you to read and re-familiarise yourselves with the events in the Easter story. Please consider the story in light of the following key words: resurrection, love, hope, forgiveness, sacrifice, salvation, burden.

Then plan 5 questions you would ask God or Jesus about the Easter story. Think very carefully about the questions you will ask and try to use the keywords. 


I.C.T, German and P.E. 

Please see last week's tabs for the links for these. I'll be doing Joe Wicks again everyday this week but there are lots more suggestions if you fancy a change/ something to do in the afternoon. 

German is online learning or get ahead with French and Spanish ready for high school. Youtube has some great language learning videos.

I.C.T. Complete your READING ROCKS video book review. Try and think about the most interesting place to video it. I've been 'normal' and reading in the garden and on the sofa but Mrs Winstone was caught reading in her wardrobe last week. I wonder where she will be this week!


Creative Challenges - optional extras

Design the coolest car in the world

Make a video call to one of your relatives

You and 4 friends are stranded on a desert island. What will you do?

Invent a new drink/smoothie.

Design and build a treehouse

Do a self-portrait 

Perform a song or dance 

Make Easter decorations for next week - lots of ideas on Google or Pinterest