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Additional Weekly Suggested Tasks

Please choose 3 or more of the following topic tasks to complete this week.


Our current topic is 'Blooming Marvellous' so many of the tasks will be linked with plants.


1. Use the free PicCollage App to create a collage of plants and flowers. 


2. Design a Bug Hotel that has all the things an insect needs (then create it outside if you can using leaves, soil and other natural materials)


3. Look around your home and garden and make a list of things that are: 

  • LIVING (e.g a tree)
  • DEAD (e.g paper, meat)
  • HAVE NEVER BEEN ALIVE (a stone, plastic toy). 
  • Record this in your English book.


4. Create an acrostic poem about plants or a type of flower.


5. Create a map of your garden, favourite park or ideal garden. Use a key to identify the different areas. 


6. Use the video clip and powerpoint below to learn about how plants disperse their seeds so they don't all fall in one place. Write down and illustrate the different ways.

P.E Ideas


At 9am each day you might want to check out Joe Wick's workout on Youtube to get you ready for the day.


Have a go at setting your own personal bests. Use the ideas on the activity cards and record sheet below or come up with your own. Keep a record to see if you have improved in a few weeks!

Feeling creative? 30 Day LEGO challenge!