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Additional Weekly Suggested Tasks

Design and Technology

This week I would like you to design a piece of playground equipment and then create a model of it. You could ask your parents if you can raid the recycling for some things to make it with!


Draw and label your design and what it will be made out of. Use the ideas below to get you started!




Following on from our English work on snakes, can you create your own coiled snake. Design an exciting pattern for your snake's scales. Use the template below or draw out your coiled snake on paper.




P.E Ideas



The month of Ramadan.

Use the PowerPoint and videos to learn about how Muslims fast during the month of Ramadan. Complete the questions from the task sheet afterwards.




Use the PicCollage App to gather your ideas for your playground design. You can use your collage to help you with your design ideas.





We have had lots of rain lately! But how much? You could have a go at making your own rain gauge to see how much rain we get each week.


Week How much rain? (cm)
Week 1  
Week 2  
Week 3