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Additional Weekly Suggested Tasks

These activities can be done in any order you like :) - you might want to make yourself a learning timetable.



Please use this website to keep up with your language learning

Also, I know they learn French and Spanish too at Madeley. If you're going there you might want to begin to learn the basic e.g. counting, greetings, colours.

Those of you not going to Madeley could look on your high school website to see what languages they learn - French, German and Spanish do tend to be the popular ones.


Please choose an activity to do each day - keeping fit is really important. - Joe Wicks on Youtube

Youtube - Kids Yoga or Kids fitness


If possible, get out in the garden to exercise or for a brisk walk/jog in your local area. Remember, you need to try and stay 3 metres away from other members of the public so run where it's safe from traffic and not too busy.

PSHCE - write a short letter or email to a relative or neighbour you haven't been able to see. Make them feel happy. Maybe you'll get a reply.
I.C.T. We haven't been able to do our Reading Rocks reviews so spend the next 2 weeks creating one at home - get a sibling or adult to video you. 

Optional Creative challenges - build with Lego/Knex etc., draw, paint or make with 3D materials.

Day 1: You were hired by an amusement park to create a new roller coaster.

Day 2: NASA needs you to build a new rocket.

Day 3: Your family want a new home and they want you to build it.

Day 4: Hollywood hires you to build a set for the new Star Wars movie

Day 5: You enter a competition to build the world's tallest tower. Will you win?