St John's CE (VC) Primary School

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Additional Home Learning - Weds 24th/Thurs 25th/Fri 26th

As there are still quite a few of you who are having to learn from home, I have added this page to access documents that are being used in lessons in the classroom.


Homework has also been set this week. You can find this here: 

Wednesday 24th November


PSHE: We are looking at self-care. There is a sheet you can complete all about what you can do for self-care. I have attached it below.

Maths: We are revising the column subtraction method with NO EXCHANGES. There is a sheet you can access here.

English: We are looking at inverted commas for speech this week. I have uploaded a Home Activity booklet with various exercises looking at using inverted commas for dialogue. Try to look at books at home too and see how authors write speech.


This booklet should has plenty for you to attempt during the rest of the week.



Thursday 25th November

Maths: We are looking at column subtraction with one exchange. I have uploaded a video for you to watch before having a go at the worksheet attached.

Subtraction with an exchange

These are the worksheets we will be using in the classroom:

However, if you find these tricky (and you haven't got an adult to help you) try these fluency questions instead. The answers are included in the document so no peeping until the end!

Friday 26th November

Maths: Today, we will be looking at what happens when there is more than one exchange that is needed in the subtraction. Watch the video and have a go at the worksheet below.

Subtracting 4 digit numbers with exchanges