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I can talk about why and what personal qualities may make someon an hero to me.

There are so many people at the moment who are doing heroic things to help others during this strange time. From fund raising like Captain Tom to people who deliver food to the shops. Who is a hero to you and why? Draw and write a sentence about them.

There is a medal template in the VE day folder that you could use to make one!

Many of us are unable to see the friends and family that we are used to seeing often in face-face situations. The powerpoint below will help you and your child talk about close relationships, recognise how their special people care for them and show how they too can care for others. It also encourages your child to express worries about missing friends and family, and helps them to consider some positive ways to manage these feelings.

All about Spiders!

I am sure that while you have been on your bug hunts you will have spotted lots of spiders!

Challenge - After looking at the powerpoint can you look on the internet to find out some more facts about spiders?


Last week Giulio told me about how he had been doing drawing lessons on-line with his cousin. So today after reading about spiders I thought it would be a good idea to draw a spider's web. It is not as easy as it looks so here is a little video to start you off.

Teaching Kids How to Draw: How to Draw a Spider Web Its Halloween Time! Come draw a spooky Spider Web.. Watch and learn how fun and easy it is to draw with simple step by step i...


I hope you are still doing some daily exercise. Joe Wicks is a great one to do each morning. Try these yoga moves today. Get your adult to join in too!

Star Wars Yoga: Tree Pose

An imperial stormtrooper instructs a series of yoga sessions. Try these balance poses. How long can you hold each pose? Namaste!!

Star Wars Yoga: Table Top Poses


Nature Scavenger walk! Be a nature detective. When you are in your garden or on your walks this week see how many items you can tick off this list.