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Additional and suggested activities


I can name the planets in our Solar system

The Solar System Song (with lyrics)

The children love listening to this song and they can follow the words as well. When you have listened to the song draw your favourite planet and write a sentence to go with - you could use the lyrics from the song or another fact that you know.


I can use simple tools to make constellation viewer.

Lesson Plan: Constellation Viewer

Children do you remember when Mr Craythorne came in and talked to us about space and the stars in the sky? This video shows how with the help of an adult you could make a simple constellation viewer. I have printed some constellation pictures that you can use. Have a go and have fun!


I can dance, learn and sing simple animal songs.

Yes, I Can! | Animal Song For Children | Super Simple Songs

Lots of action songs about animals. Enjoy yourself!


I am beginning to understand what things may make an animal become endangered.

I can think of ways that I can make my environment safe for animals.

Endangered Animals!

Find out about endangered animals, where they live and why their numbers are becoming smaller.
When you have watched the video talk about what you have learnt. Watch the video again. Now draw a picture of how you can help to make the environment safer for animals e.g not dropping litter.


I am beginning to understand why we have day and night.

Day, night, and the seasons

Join Paxi the alien as he explores why we have day and night, and learn why the Earth has seasons.

Day and Night - Art Attack

A super art activity idea you could do together with your child to make a night and day picture. You will need a split pin to make it work. Have a go!


I can name some common animals.

I can sort animals into 2 sets using my own criteria. 


Can you sort some of the animals into 2 sets e.g. Animals that fly, animals that cannot fly. Animals that have 4 legs and animals that have 2 legs.

Challenge - Can you choose your own criteria to sort some of the animals into 2 sets?

We have used this illustration in our maths today. Now can you use it to sort the animals into 2 sets using your own criteria e.g  Animals that can fly and animals that can't fly.  Animals with four legs and animals with two legs. Challenge - can you think of another way of sorting the animals?


I can follow instructions.

I can use movement to express a story

I know what to do if I get lost.

Mike and Muttnik on The Moon | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

Episode 37 | Mike and Muttnik on the moon | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure! Fun kids yoga and mindfulness with Jaime. Join Mike the Cosmic Space Monkey as we search for his best friend Muttnik, Astro Dog. A story about looking out for our friends - and what you should do if you get lost.