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How a Caterpillar Becomes a Butterfly.

Watch this fantastic example of 'metamorphosis'. This is when an animal completely changes it body shape from birth to adult. Can you name the four stages of a caterpillar's development? Egg, caterpillar, cocoon/chrysalis, butterfly.
Can you name any other animals that go through the process of metamorphosis?


Bambi - Little April shower (English)

Watch the April Shower clip from Bambi and try making rain sounds using musical instruments and everyday objects like trays, mugs, wooden spoons and metal spoons:

Keep a weather diary
o Compare winter weather to the spring weather. How do we know it is spring? What is the weather like? Talk about different adjectives (describing words) to describe the weather: rainy, cloudy, wet, dry, warm, windy, etc. Explain that the weather is not the same every day. Which types of weather do we think we might have over the next few days?

o Explain that it is not always easy to remember what the weather has been like. We can keep a diary and record our observations.

o Over the next few days, help your child record the weather in words/phrases or sentences on a Weather Diary.



We are living in very strange times and your child might have a worry which they have not talked about with you. This calming activity gives you and your child the chance to talk and write a letter to someone, a worry or a hope down (with your help!), pump up a balloon, attach it to the letter and then watch it float away off high into the sky .....

The Cautious Caterpillar "What am I?" game.

This is a twinkl original game. Before playing the game, read the story.

Challenge - When you have watched the 'What am I?' video         can  you write  your own clues for a mini-beast?


   Can you read and use the words to label this butterfly              diagram and colour it in with a symmetrical pattern?

Minibeast Hunt - Can you name all of these minibeasts? Use this sheet to tick when you see one of them either in your garden or on a walk with your adult. Have fun being a mini-beast detective.